Jan 22nd, 2019
First snow in Aachen, Germany

Jiao Sun

master student @ IIIS, Tsinghua University under the supervision of Prof. Wei Xu. I got the second place (2/153) when graduated and was awarded the highest award for bachelors in Shandong University. I was sixteen when I started my undergraduate study.
My research interest currently lies in using human computer interaction, especially data visualization techniques to assist and improve machine learning algorithms. I am also interested in natural language processing.
  • 2018.10   Just awarded the Tsinghua-RWTH Aachen Research Fellowship! See you Germany!
  • 2018.09  Data-Driven Data Center Temperature Modeling and Prediction is accepted by ApSys 2018!
  • 2018.05   Presented FraudVis and won the Best Poster Prize in The 8th Cross-Strait Tsinghua Postgraduate Academic Forum!
  • 2018.04  FraudVis is accepted by PacificVis 2018!


Jiao Sun, Yin Li, Lei Shi, Charley Chen, Jihae Lee, Xin Liu, Zhigang Su, Ling Huang and Wei Xu
FDHelper: Assist Unsupervised Fraud Detection Experts with Interactive Feature Selection and Evaluation
Due to the confidentiality problem, send me an email if I you are interested in this paper :-)
Submitted to SIGCHI'20

Yikun Ban, Jiao Sun, Xin Liu, Ling Huang, Yitao Duan and Wei Xu
FraudTrap: Catching Loosely Synchronized Behavior in Face of Camouflage
Arxiv, preprint

Charley Chen, Guosai Wang, Jiao Sun and Wei Xu
Data-Driven Data Center Temperature Modeling and Prediction
In Proceedings of ACM SIGOPS Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys) 2018

Jiao Sun, Qixin Zhu, Zhifei Liu, Xin Liu, Yueming Wang, Jihae Lee, Lei Shi, Ling Huang and Wei Xu
FraudVis: Understanding Unsupervised Fraud Detection Algorithms
The 11th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis) Notes, 2018

Yang Zhang, Tingjian Zhang, Yongzheng Jia, Jiao Sun, Fangzhou Xu and Wei Xu
DataLab: Introducing Software Engineering Thinking into Data Science Education at Scale
In Proceedings of The 39th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2017

Language Proficiency

  • GRE (Sep. 1st, 2018): Total: 328 (V: 162[>91%], Q: 166[>90%]) AW: 3.5
  • TOEFL(Sep. 16th, 2018): Total: 104 (R: 30, L: 28, S: 23, W: 23)

Selected Honors

  • 10/2018   Tsinghua-RWTH Aachen Research Joint Fellowship
  • 10/2017   Baidu-Tsinghua Future Star Scholarship of THU (top 3%)
  • 10/2017   Baidu-Tsinghua Social Work Scholarship of THU (top 3%)
  • 05/2016   Outstanding Graduate of Shandong Province (top 1%)
  • 05/2016   Outstanding Graduate of Shandong University (top 3%)
  • 2013~2016   First-Class Scholarship of Shandong University (consecutive three times, top 2%)
  • 2013~2016  Merit Student of Shandong University(consecutive three times, top 2%)
  • 08/2015   First Prize, Mathematical Contest of Modeling in Shandong University(top 1%)
  • 05/2015   Second Prize, Mathematical Contest in Modeling
  • 05/2014   Bronze Award, Mobile Innovation Programming Contest
  • 09/2013   Bronze Award, Qilu Software Programming Contest
  • 03/2013   Best debater of Shandong University


  • Jogging is one of my favorite sports. I also enjoy my time in the gym!
  • I have a strong interest in languages and cultures. I am now on my way to learn German and French (✪ω✪)!